Linen Care

Linen is a strong material and if you care for it right it can last a lifetime.

Every Land & Linen item is prewashed and machine dried before cutting the fabric. This will ensure there is minimal shrinkage when you wash your items.

How To Wash

It’s perfectly fine to throw your linen apron, tea towels and napkins in the washing machine. I highly recommend using a netted bag for items so they don’t get twisted with other items in your wash.

How To Dry

All Land & Linen fabric is machine dried before cutting to minimize any shrinkage. It’s best to hang dry but there is no problem using a dryer. The more you machine dry it, the softer it will get.

If you use a machine, consider taking the linen out before it’s fully dry and hanging it.

How To Get A Crisp Look

Ironing is key to having a crisp look to your linen items. Although there is something to be said about natural wrinkles. Embrace the wrinkles! This goes for both beauty and fabrics.

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