Land & Linen was b
orn out of a desire to create something beautiful, sustainable and practical.


How the brand came to be

I was never one to have a hobby. I used my energy to do well at work and that left little to no time to invest in creating something of my own. But I knew something was missing. I had the desire to create. I didn’t know what it would be but I needed to start doing something away from the computer and re-engaging with myself.

With a kitchen renovation complete, I spent hours cooking and baking because it was off a computer and the results (for the most part) were good! From the kitchen I started to expand my garden of herbs and veggies, always thinking about sustainability. How could I reduce waste in my groceries? Grow some myself! Herbs were a good starting point.

Spending more time getting dirty in the kitchen and in the garden I found inspiration to create a line of home items, all while keeping my goal of less waste and simplicity in mind.

Land & Linen might seem like a simple idea but to me it’s the simplicity that makes it beautiful.

I hope you love my creations and that inspires you to create something beautiful at home.

- Kelsey Moniz